Scott Werner, Executive Vice President


Scott doesn’t like the word “no.” His ethos has always been about finding the “yes.” And, yes, that includes with his chosen profession. Scott didn’t seek out a career in the world of finance, but he was drawn to it, nonetheless.

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Scott witnessed the dotcom craze and investment firm opportunities that followed in its wake. He started as a trader, learning the retail side of financial investing, and grinding out the long hours behind a desk. He watched financial professionals with perfect pedigrees who were only in it for themselves—cutting corners, making money, but indifferent to the client’s needs. He witnessed family and friends make financial mistakes because they didn’t have a trusted advisor.

Scott overcame a lot of “no’s” to start his own financial firm with AXA Equitable in 2003. He earned his accreditations, he knew the industry, and, most importantly, he cared about the outcome for his clients. Within three years, Scott was promoted to a Vice President and maintained a leadership role.

In 2009, he was recruited by a group of financial professionals who were building a new firm with MetLife. He continued to rise in the ranks as Managing Sales Director, President of Auto & Home Division, and Executive VP of Sales. His can-do attitude helped form a culture of financial professionals that seek out solutions and overcome obstacles.

Scott is optimistic about Capital Strategies future and the landscape of “yes” before them. He is part of a leadership team that provides considerable resources and processes, a healthy culture of teamwork, and better outcomes for clients and financial professionals.

Scott and his family love the outdoors from mountain to shore. They appreciate good food, and especially enjoy family time cooking together.