Our Lubbock Location

Lubbock is a place where respect for the land and nature is a must and a commitment to doing what is evident in everyone you meet.  The love of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the community that supports the university is louder than life.  When you walk through the doors of our Lubbock office, you will find the same type of energy and the same type of authentic people.  Our team is committed to supporting our financial professionals and their clients.  You can count on it.


Our Lubbock Team

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in the Lubbock area

Justin Dockrey

Insurance & Investment

Services Director – Midland, TX

Jay Eagan

Financial Advisor

Van Echols

Financial Planner

Hugo Hernandez

Financial Advisor

El Paso, TX

Chris Higgins

Agency Supervisory Officer

T. Scott Maples

Financial Advisor

Michelle Maxson

Licensing Coordinator & Receptionist

Myracel Meer

GA Assistant

Brian Pitaniello

Financial Advisor

Brooks Pitaniello

Financial Advisor

Hunter Pitaniello

Financial Planner

Mickey Ray

Financial Advisor

Sherry Reding

Agency Assistant

Robert Rodgers

Financial Services Representative

Chris Scioli

Registered Representative

Paul Scioli

Financial Advisor

Lynn Shuttlesworth

Financial Services Representative

Brad Stepp

Investment Advisor Representative

Amarillo, TX

Judy Van Gilder

Financial Services Representative


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