Michael Priede, CEO of Capital Strategies


Mike is a builder. During college, he and his dad started a construction company building custom homes. He loves the process of growing things, and it’s been a guiding principle of Mike’s story.

“The business found me.” After graduating with a degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida, Mike met his future mentor in Chester—his dad’s financial advisor. Soon after, he was working for Prudential and maneuvering his way through the world of insurance and financial advising. The next 20 years saw a constant series of moves with companies buying companies and transfers to new cities. During that time, he worked in sales and sale management as a general agent and finally moved to Austin in 2008 as part of a two-year Succession Plan with New England Financial (owned by MetLife). Mike learned valuable lessons about priorities, teamwork, and going through life with people you care about.

When MassMutual bought MetLife in 2013, Mike rebranded as Capital Strategies, and he knew exactly how he wanted to build the company.
Create a place where people love to work.
Team-based organization. We’re in this together. We’re stronger together.
Grow and develop talent and help financial professionals build healthy practices.
Provide stability while being forward-thinking.
Keep our focus on our clients.

Mike is a builder. He built a company that is focused on people. It’s a magnet for agents because of the breadth of services, levels of training, the culture of teamwork, and great processes. It has deep associations with companies but is not held by any companies, thereby providing more independent choices for clients.

Mike grew up in Florida and has a childhood love for the water. His time in Denver developed a love for the mountains and skiing. He is also an experienced pilot. Mike takes pride in his family of four grown children, five grandkids, and two Boston Terriers.