We are excited to announce that JoAnne and | have decided to venture into the world of retirement. Like many of you, we have diligently planned for this day, and now it is time to enjoy it. Part of my plan was to identify a very capable individual who would properly manage your accounts in the future. | found that person in Scott Werner.(Learn more about Scott). Scott and | have been colleagues since 2012, and | am excited that he will now be the person taking care of all my cherished clients.

In the next 12 months, Scott, Alisha Ware, and | will continue working together, providing advice and service for your family and business needs. We will reach out to you to schedule a meeting for a proper introduction soon! | want you to feel confident that | have selected the right person to walk with you on your financial journey.

We will close our office as of December 15th, 2022, and will move to Scott’s office at 317 Grace Lane, Suite 250, Austin, Texas, 78746.


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Wealth & Risk Management Strategies.

Today’s investment climate offers unprecedented opportunities. My mission s to help clients take advantage of those opportunities by providing them with three key tools:

  • Aclear understanding of their financial goals
  • Awell-defined roadmap for achieving those goals
  • Ongoing advice to help adjust their roadmap when their needs change

My services cover all areas of financial management, from investment and retirement planning to risk management and estate conservation strategies. |focus on helping my clients develop a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategy that fits their unique needs and enables them to meet both short- and long-term objectives.

On my Web site, you’lfind valuabie information for evaluating your current position and progress toward financial goals. | offer educational articies that outline financial concepts and highlight products designed to fill the gaps in your financial strategy. Youll also find calculators that will help you assess your current and future needs. Piease remember to visit my Web site often, as the content is constantly changing.

For help with your financial management, or for more information, please contact me today.

I hold Series 7, 24 and 66 securities registration.

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